Containerised Incinerators

Inciner8 now offer a full range of containerised incineration systems, placing us at the forefront of the latest transportation and industrial trends. Containerisation enables immediate waste management as the units are fully assembled and pre-installed.

Containerisation is the most feasible and viable option in contrast to the construction of on-site facilities and housing structures, eliminating the man power and costs involved. The system has the added benefit of total mobility (both local and international), and is ideal for military and civil camps and remote locations where infrastructure is scarce. They are ideal for use as emergency incinerators in disaster zones, humanitarian crisis or where the unit needs to protected from extreme weather conditions.

The units arrive complete with electrical power generators and fuel supply with further customization available to suit all needs, regardless of local resources available.

The system is available in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers, depending on capacity and optional requirements.

What is a containerised incinerator?

Our containerised systems arrive on site with fully installed fuel supply, electrical generators, and control panels, with extra options available such as lighting, extra ventilation, side loading, electrical opening lids to allow for easy waste loading, gas scrubbing systems to meet the most rigorous of environmental standards as well as heat recovery systems to convert flue gas heat energy into useful hot water/steam/air. All containers supplied are ISO 6346 certified, so they can be used for the shipping and housing of incinerators and any other related equipment.

Key Features

The Ideal Waste Solution for

  • Offshore supply vessels
  • FPSO / FSO
  • All types of offshore rigs
  • Offshore barges, living barges
  • Floatels
  • Power plants
  • Mines
  • Port waste deposits
  • Fishing vessel
  • Hotel Resorts
  • Military units
  • Polar Stations